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About us.... 

Music Affairs Centre .. belongs to the Department of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Culture. It started in 2007 and continued to play its role in supporting music activity in Qatar. And follow up and document the music matter.
It is concerned with developing talents and spreading the culture of music to citizens and residents.

Our Goals 

The center aims to do everything that contributes to the development of music affairs, especially the following:



1- Spreading musical culture to create a generation of musical creators in the country.

2- Adopting musical projects that elevate the taste of society and preserve its cultural identity.

3- Holding workshops and technical courses related to music affairs for the purpose of development.

4- Providing an opinion regarding issues referred to it related to music affairs from other parties

5- Preparing studies related to music affairs internally and externally and how to benefit from the experiences related to it.

6- Preserving the heritage of the Qatari music movement

Music Affairs Center


from Sunday to Thursday

    8:00 AM - 14:00 PM

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