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families musical activities

Music Affairs Center seeks musical talent so as to support it.

 If you have the desire and talent to create and post your own Home-Produced public music video, Music Affairs Center gives you the opportunity to do so and publish it on the center's YouTube channel.

please read the following rules before joining:

  • Shoot your video on your phone and upload it to our website.

  • We recommend that videos do not exceed 3 minutes.

  • The participating video must be a music video.

    Ideas for you :

  • use a musical base and create a song using different lyrics from the original.

  • create a new song.

  • If it’s a song, sing in any language and feel free to express any idea (but please add a brief summary of the content of your video in English or Arabic, so that your idea is understood).

  • play one or more musical instruments (if a family member has the talent to play).

  • use everyday household utensils to play like pots.

  • sing as a choir.

  • purely instrumental work.

  • create a musical sit-com.

  • create a short operetta.

  • create silent music films.

   Upon completion :

  • Post your video along with a family member’s name, ID number, email address, and phone number. If you are a group, please choose a name for your group.

  • To obtain authorization to publish the video, you must click on the window (I authorize the posting of my video on the Internet) as all videos will be visible on the Music Affairs Center YouTube channel click here


Note: The use of music in the video is an indispensable and essential element.

We are curious to see your works and to find which will be most appreciated by the audience.


Activate your imagination and create!

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Thanks for your subscription.. 

For inquiries and technical support, please send a WhatsApp message to: 66198274

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