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music is antivirus  


Music Affairs Center presents (Music is Antivirus) competition, which is an online competition for families who reside in their homes within the precautionary methods and procedures established by the competent authorities to contain Corona-virus (COVID-19) infections , which - hopefully - contribute to adding fun and entertainment during the current critical period.

This project is for all families in Qatar so that it is in accordance with the rules set by the government to contain the spread of the virus by filming a music video for any idea related to the competition's title. 



If you want to participate, shoot a music video with the participation of your family members or on your own so that the video includes a performance for you for any idea related to the current time (fighting corona virus) with the use of music (playing and/or singing) and upload the video in the box below after filling in the required personal data.

You can use every idea related to this topic: such as talking about the hygiene rules that the relevant authorities refer to, talking about the personal actions you take to counter this virus, and talking about your imagination and perception of the near future. In short, you have freedom of expression but always in the main subject area.

You can: use a musical base and create a song with words different from the original, create a new song, play one or more musical instruments (if a family member has the talent to play), use household utensils to play like pots, sing as a choir, create a sit- com music, operetta, create silent movie with music base. etc...

         general conditions 

  • The use of music in video is an indispensable essential.

  • The duration of the video should not exceed 3 minutes in any idea related to the main topic.

  • You can sing using your native language, but please add a brief summary of the content of your song in English or Arabic inside the box below.

  • To obtain authorization for video posting, you must click on the window (I accept the conditions for posting my video online) below.


Awards and evaluation mechanism

The top 10 videos that will get the highest likes through voting via social media will win money prizes.

After defeating this virus, Music Affairs Center will organize a musical evening inviting all participating families to celebrate and award prizes to the top 10 music videos.


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For inquiries about the competition and technical support, please send a WhatsApp message to: 66198274

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