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Nagham Competition 

first edition 2020


Nagham Competition is  presented by  Music Affairs Center.The competition is open to all amateur Musicians who love music and practice it for pleasure and passion. 

The musical Categories in which the Competitors can participate are the following:

Composition, Singer, Oud, Piano, Violin, Other instrument.

Where the participants are divided into two categories: singing and playing any instrument.


  • The competition is open to All Amateur Musicians who are residents in Qatar. Professional musicians are not allowed to participate.

  • Competitors of any age will be admitted .

general conditions 

1- Singers must perform without filters or sound effects.

2- Composers can perform their song with sound reproduction  technology or play it with a musical instrument or singing.

3- Competitors must appear on video so they are performing the song.

4- The selection of the competition piece is entirely up to the competitor. Any song, any improvisation or creation is acceptable.

5 -Duration of the video must not exceed two minutes.

6- The First Round of the Competition  is not published. The videos and all the data sent will be visible only to the Jury.

7- Competitors able to play multiple instruments can participate in more than one category, they should UPLOAD multiple Sound Videos.

8- Every jury decision is final. 

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For inquiries about the competition and technical support, please send a WhatsApp message to: 66198274 , To register for the Competition  via WhatsApp, please send the name, phone number, ID card and video

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