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laha Noghani

Based on the vision of the National Day of promoting loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the Qatari national identity, the organizing committee of the National Day celebrations in the educational sector launched the "We Sing" event, for the first time as the event targets all primary and model schools in the country for boys and girls, and is organized in coordination with Music Affairs Center.

The idea of ​​the event is based on enhancing the national identity of students by deepening their loyalty and affiliation to the national cultural images that are part of their community to develop and develop the artistic meaning of students, by providing a collective performance of the national artwork.

This event is for fourth to sixth graders for the academic year 2019/2020, with each school participating in a team of 13 to 15 students.

The school supervisor trains students, and the Guidance and Guidance Committee makes field visits to eligible schools to provide them with technical support.

It is expected that 5 schools for boys and girls will participate in this event, and 3 schools will be chosen from them during the preliminary qualifiers of the event, after the participating schools perform before the evaluation committee.

The committee stipulated that the event's supervisor attend the steering meeting to review the event's mechanism, to be held at the headquarters of the Women's Sports Committee.

Four criteria were identified to assess eligible schools, including performance and student retention, musical meaning, aesthetics and attendance.

A financial reward was allocated to the teams winning the first, second and third positions in the primary and third stages, whereby an amount of 5,000 riyals was allocated to each student from the first position, and 4000 riyals for each student from the second position, while the owners of the third position allocated 3000 students to each student.

The activities of the educational sector come to achieve the vision of the National Day represented in enhancing loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the national identity of the State of Qatar, and affirming the values ​​of the organizing committee for the National Day celebrations, which include participation, inspiration, creativity and transparency. The activities of the educational sector come as confirmation of the aspirations of the National Day towards an expanded impact and not temporary provocation, highlighting national symbols and influencing members of society through focusing on highlighting their principles and values, and on top of them is the founder of Sheikh Jassim, may God have mercy on him, and highlighted the values ​​of the Qatari society stemming from the inherent values ​​of this society Since its establishment, the younger generation has defined the meanings of loyalty, solidarity and unity and instilled them through specific activities, introducing Qatari heritage and history, and not reducing a period of history on a day of celebrations, focusing on events that have an origin in our history and are directly related to art. We have a distinctive identification of our identity and traditions, which link the past and national attitudes that reflect the values ​​of loyalty, solidarity y and unity with contemporary attitudes that reflect the same values, and that embody national concepts and values ​​and activate them on the ground through specific activities, interaction and participation of the largest number of citizens and residents On the national day.

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