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Under the auspices of the Department of Culture and Arts represented by the Center for Music Affairs and in cooperation with each Among the groups of the communities (Palestinian - Sudanese - Jordanian - Indian - Syrian)Moroccan (and each of the artists) Faisal Najm - Ahmed Abdel Rahim - Mohamed Awad -issa Ahmad - Ahmad Ali Al-Muhallal - Nasr Yousef - Salem Muhammad Al-Farsi - Fares Al-Alawi (a festival was held under the slogan) Music, the Language of Peoples (with its third edition)


The first Edition of the festival was held on 12/26/2018 With the participation of the Palestinian and Sudanese groups, and the Jubailat and Artists' band) Ahmed Abdel.
The Compassionate - Faisal Najm - Muhammad Awad (in the Qatari Samra, the second day of The festival, which was held on 12/27/2018



The second edition of the festival was held on 2/14/2019 and was attended The Jordanian band and the Indian band on the first day and the Maha group and artists (Issa AhmadAhmed Ali Al-Muhallal (in the Qatari Samra, the second day of the festival, which was 2/15/2019



As for the third edition of the festival, it was held on 3/14/2019 With the participation of the Syrian band, the Moroccan group, on the first day, the Maha group, and bothArtists (Nasr Youssef - Salem Muhammad Al Farsi - Faris Sbeit Al Alawi - Ahmed Abdel The Compassionate ) in the Qatari Samra, the second day of the festival, on 3/15/20190.The performances presented in all copies of the festival represented the heritage of the participating communitiesAnd its ancient folk art, in addition to the Qatari folk arts presented inPeople's Sessions (country tan)



The fourth edition was held on 14/14/2019 and was with the participation of Coral  Qatar and the Sudanese band led by singer Ismail Hasseb Dayem  

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