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Arkaos Grandvj 1.2.2 Serial Key- belzavi




no virus - rc121380 serial key download- No scam, We update new key every week. Get all keys here- Save 50% on a new item when you buy 1 key!1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to electronic packaging. 2. Description of the Related Art Electronic devices typically include one or more integrated circuits (“ICs”) that are mounted on a package substrate. An IC may include a large number of active devices. Each active device may be electrically connected to other devices within the IC and to devices external to the IC via one or more electrical connections, which are commonly referred to as “bond-pads”. The bond-pads allow the IC to receive and transmit signals external to the IC, and may provide power to the IC. As the operating speed of ICs has increased, such ICs have required bond-pads that have become smaller and more closely spaced. With reference to FIG. 1A, a portion of a typical prior art IC 2 is shown. The IC 2 includes a large number of active devices 4 that are electrically connected to one another through a metallization layer 6. Typically, the metallization layer 6 includes a large number of metal lines and vias (not shown). Each metal line and via allows a current to flow through a portion of the IC 2. The metal lines and vias can be electrically connected to various bond-pads 8 of the IC 2 by small contacts 10. The bond-pads 8 allow the IC 2 to electrically communicate with the rest of the world outside of the IC 2. The IC 2 typically has bond-pads along its periphery. The IC 2 is typically packaged by mounting it on a package substrate. A typical package substrate includes one or more layers of polymeric material with conductive vias that allow the various bond-pads of the IC 2 to be electrically connected to conductive features on the package substrate. The conductive features of the package substrate may include solder balls or other conductive elements that allow the IC 2 to be electrically connected to the outside world. The solder balls may be connected to an array of metal traces (not shown) on a single surface of the package substrate. The metal traces allow various signals and power to flow into and out of the IC 2. ICs are typically tested at the wafer level prior to packaging to ensure



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Arkaos Grandvj 1.2.2 Serial Key- belzavi

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