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It is directed by Stephen Chow and produced by Shanghai-based New Classics Media, and stars Chow, Wang Weizhou, Li Qinqin, Huang Haibin, Zhang Yaowen, Zhu Xiaochen, Zhang Lu, Xiao Luan, and Li Xiaoran. The film tells a traditional Chinese tale of a very small band of Confucian scholars and military leaders who, against all odds, fought a huge mass of the invading northern tribes and army during the early Han Dynasty. Chow was originally assigned the role of Cao Cao, but due to health issues, he was not available and Chow decided to play the role himself. Wang took over as director, and the film was released during the Year of the Dragon in the Hong Kong. The film also stars the then-14-year-old Wang Weizhou, who plays young Zhang He. The film is widely regarded as one of the best works by Chow. Red Cliff was distributed theatrically in Hong Kong and mainland China in January 2009, and was the highest-grossing Chinese film of the year. It was the 11th highest-grossing film worldwide in the first week of release, with a gross of $25 million. The film also received favourable reviews, and was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for Best Artistic Contribution. Plot During the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), Sun Quan (Wang Weizhou) leads the southern lands against Liu Bei (Huang Haibin) and his father, Liu Zhang (Li Qinqin), who reside in the north. Liu Bei, furious that Sun Quan has imprisoned his father and intends to execute him, plans to defeat Sun Quan by luring his army to a pass in the Great Wall. However, Sun Quan's forces win the first battle, then the second. Liu Bei, feeling betrayed by the Emperor (Li Xiaoran), now considers the Han dynasty to be illegitimate and kills the General (Zhang Lu), which is not approved by the Emperor. Now the southern lands are in chaos, with people calling for Sun Quan to set up a kingdom. When Emperor Xian (Xiao Luan) hears the news, he sends men to warn Sun Quan and ask him to join the emperor. However, Sun Quan is fighting a war, so he cannot leave. He then sends Jia Xu (Chow) and Xiao Zang (Li Xiaoran) to Yanqing (Hong Kong) to ask for aid.



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Red Cliff 1 Movie Download belzavi

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