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Nagham Competition is presented by Music Affairs Center. Where the Second edition of Nagham is tailored for singers only.


The participants are divided into two categories:

  • Arabic singers.

  • Other languages singers.




  • The competition is open to talented residents of Qatar.


  • Competitors able to sing any language

  • Competitors of any age can participate.


General conditions 


1- Participants must perform without filters or sound effects.

2- Competitors must appear on video when they are performing the song.

3- The selection of the competition piece is entirely up to the competitor. Any song, improvisation, or creation is acceptable.

4 -The duration of the video must not exceed two minutes.

5- jury decisions are final. 


Please Note: The First Round of the Competition is not published. The videos and all the data sent will be visible only to the Jury.



  • Those who are wishing to participate in Nagham Competition must use the link, download their singing video for a maximum of two minutes, and enter their full name, phone number, and email address.

  • Note: the registration for   Nagham  competition will start on Wednesday, 20th of Jan until Sunday, 31th of January, at 6:00 pm

  •  On Thursday, 10th of February, 2021, the Jury of the Music Affairs Center will select the best competitors for each category that will be qualified for the final selection stage (the second phase of the competition), and the names of the finalists will be announced on center's websites and they will be contacted immediately by phone and email.




  • The participating only within two categories, as shown below:

               ​1. Arabic Singers category (8 participants)

               2. Other languages singers Category (8 participants)

       With a total of 16 contestants for the second phase.

  • The 16 finalists will record a music video at the Music Affairs Center production studio in the specified location.

  • finalist Competitors have to indicate to us which song they chose to be recorded by sending a link to the song.

  • Before recording, each competitor will be subjected to a short 5-minute rehearsal.

  • Each video is 4 minutes maximum.

  • The video recording will be a maximum of two times for each competitor. The Competitor will choose which of the two versions is preferred to be published on social media (the videos will be published on Monday, the first of March).

  • For this to be possible, the finalists selected for the second stage will need to authorize us to publish it along with their Names and Age. So they must fill in a form, allowing the Music Affairs Center to publish the videos and the names of the competitors. ​


  • To fill in the form, those who are selected for the second phase must go to the Office of Music Affairs Center (click here to follow the map) to fill in the official form and sign it (a copy of the ID and one photocopy are required).​

  • For underage participants, must be accompanied by a parent.

  • contestants selected will be informed about the recording schedule and invited by calling and email to the Music Affairs Center studio.

  • All the music videos for the second phase will be published on the Music Affairs Center channel and voting will be opened online on Monday the first of March.

  • The winners will be chosen as follows:

         Two winners from each category will take the first places that will be decided by jury and voting (number of likes that each competitor will collect on the Music Affairs Center YouTube channel during the voting phase).


  - Second place winner will be decided by the jury for each category.


  • Winners will be invited to the Final Event on the fifth of April (place to be determined later) where each Competitor will perform his own complete Song Live on Stage. 

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