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Nagam Competition 
 Third edition 2023

Main objectives

  • Create a platform that motivates talented singers in Qatar to pursue their aspirations.

  • Spread musical culture among Qatari society and the present generation, as well as promote musical knowledge across society .

  •  Identify and showcase the next generation of talented singers who will represent Qatar internationally

  • Foster community unity by uniting Qatar's diverse nationalities and cultures and promoting cultural and musical exchange.

Competition categories

How to subscribe

- Arabic-language singing class

- Other language singing class

We are pleased to announce that Nagam competition's third season is now open to all individuals with a passion for singing, regardless of their age. We are kindly inviting all interested parties to visit the Music Affairs Center website at to register at >>>>>>>>. Please provide your personal information and a recorded video showcasing your singing abilities, with a maximum duration of two minutes. The deadline for registration is 9/18/2023 at 12 PM, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity without delay.

Please be advised of the following terms and conditions for the competition

- The competition is exclusively for Qataris and residents of Qatar.

- Those who won the first and second seasons are not eligible to participate.

- Participants are required to perform their songs without the use of sound effects.

- Contestants are required to appear in the video during the performance to prove their identity.

- All chosen songs must align with moral and fundamental principles.

- Participants can select songs based on their preferences. The performance should not exceed two minutes.

Stages of the competition:

• Phase I

- The Arbitration Commission will select the most talented vocalists from all contestants while knowing that all videos sent by the participants will be hidden from the public in the first rows. This is despite their use as demos during the competition.

- Candidates selected for the first phase of the competition will be made public on Thursday, September 22, 2023, when they will be announced on the official website and social media platforms of the Music Affairs Center.

- The contestants selected for first stage must fill out the participant's non-objection form before publishing their videos and photos on social networking sites. As for the minor participants, the forms are required to be filled out by their guardians.

- A copy of the selected participant's ID must be submitted.


• Phase II:

- First-stage finalists will be presented to the jury. In the form of episodes, videos will be recorded and posted to the Center's YouTube channel.

- Finalists must decide what songs they will sing at the second stage after discussing them with the Music Affairs Center. They must share the link to the songs before starting filming.

• Phase III:

- The selected second stage participants must consult with the center regarding the songs that will be performed in the third stage. Before recording, they need to share the song's link.

- The second-stage finalists will perform in front of the jury while accompanied by a musical band. The audience and jury will then vote on the finalists' performances. The first, second, and third-place winners in each category of the competition will be announced at the grand finale.

- After the third round, the audience will be able to cast their votes from November 12 through November 17 until 12 p.m.

- The awards ceremony will include the announcement of the winners.

For inquiries about the competition and technical support, please send a WhatsApp message to: 51006640To register for the Competition  via WhatsApp, please send the name, phone number, ID card and video

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