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On the stage of Qatar National Theater, under the title "you are the origin of loyalty", under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports.

A number of Qatari singers who sang the most beautiful songs in Qatar participated in the ceremony: Ali Abdul Sattar, Fahd Al-Kubaisi, Mansour Al-Muhannadi, Saad Al-Fahd, Issa Al-Kubaisi, Aseel Al-Kubaisi and Muhammad Al-Jaber.

It is noteworthy that this celebration was launched by the Music Affairs Center under the Department of Culture and Arts, Ministry of Culture and Sports, to confirm the ministry's pioneering role in moving forward towards building a community that carries an authentic emotion and a healthy body. This activity carries in its goals a national and cultural depth, and the idea arose under the auspices and support of His Excellency the Minister of Culture and Sports Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali and on the initiative of the Department of Culture and Arts and its director Mr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Zakiba, in an artistic and media celebration.


It aims for many matters and carries with it many ambitions, including:

  • Support the Qatari creator in the field of song.

  • Pumping new blood into the Qatari song field from creators in various fields such as voice, poetry, melody and music.

  • Opening horizons of cooperation between the creator, contacts and institutions concerned with musical art.

  • Introducing new production works that enrich the artistic scene that is dependent on the creators of music.

  • to carry a serious musical thought to keep up with the song.

  • Documenting the Qatari singing career in all its history.

  • Create a bridge of communication between the Qatari, Arab and international media with various specializations.

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